What is a Andy Warhol Moment?


Andy Warhol once said "in the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes".

A Warhol Moment is that slice of time where the spotlight is on you. While it seems unlikely that you will be "world famous" in the sense that everyone in the world will know you, you can still have your own Warhol moment. The world is external to YOU, so an event that makes this external world aware of you could be thought of as "world famous".

Here are some ways you may have experienced your own Warhol moment:
Did you get your article printed in a magazine or in the school paper?
Get on the news or in the local paper for an opinion?
Win the raffle/lotto/random drawing?
Have your art piece selected as the feature picture on a webpage?

Get selected as class valedictorian?
Get exposed as being the escort of a famous politician?
Have your book review published on Amazon?

If so, you've had your Andy Warhol Moment. We don't know exactly what Andy Warhol meant when he made the comment, nor why he made it. It could be that we still have not made it to the future that he refers to. But it still seems that in every normal life, there will be a time where the light of public attention shines on us and that will be our Warhol moment.
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